China's first museum of cultural activities in contrast

Because of the needs of the enterprise development strategy, SHUTER stationery design and marketing center on August 2, 2010 officially moved to Guangzhou T.I.T Creative Park site. The new office building is located in the central axis of Guangzhou City, from the Guangzhou new TV Tower Zhichizhiyao, practical area of more than 2 thousand square meters, the functions of display, office, creative communication in one. Is planning to build the first domestic stationery Museum "is located in the first floor of the new, creative park is one of the highlights of the exhibits include Chinese ancient room supplies, western modern stationery and foreign well-known brands of products, on behalf of SHUTER brand key products etc.. At present, the museum has begun to take shape, began to try to open the audience free, and attracted the Southern Metropolis Daily, Guangzhou TV and other media coverage. After the completion of the project, will be a large number of physical, pictures, text, multimedia terminals and other forms, to show the audience the history, status and development trends of the cultural goods industry. SHUTER stationery museum built, will greatly promote the public's understanding of the cultural goods industry, to enhance the industry's social concern degree of great benefit.

SHUTER stationery museum located T.I.T Creative Park, is Guangzhou city focus on the development of Creative Industry Park, since August 6th officially opened, including the provincial Party Secretary Wang Yang, governor Huang Huahua, Guangzhou party secretary Zhang Guangning, mayor Wan Qingliang and other leaders have come to inspect. Park in clothing, fashion, cultural industries, attracting a large number of domestic and foreign famous enterprises and designers in the formation of creative design group is a large-scale, fashion, culture, art, creativity, design, research, display functions of the creative industry platform. SHUTER's presence in the creative park, is conducive to the company to integrate all kinds of advantages of resources, to explore the potential of cultural innovation, to better enhance the cultural and creative content of SHUTER brand.

On the occasion of celebration on the occasion, to express my heartfelt thanks to the concern and support of Guangdong SHUTER Industrial Co. Ltd. the development of friends from all walks of life! At the same time, warmly welcome friends to visit the first "cultural goods Museum" to visit the exchange.

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